Make your own Mason jar lamps!

I’ve been looking through various blogs and Pinterest boards lately, thinking about how cool all of these mason jar lamps look. Most of the how-to articles that I’ve found require work tables and safety gear, which I don’t have. A common theme that you’ll notice throughout this blog is how little space I have in my house for anything – most of my work is done at my kitchen table, or on my living room floor.

Last weekend, I heard of a shop in New Westminster that sells these lamps, and I thought that I might as well check it out, and maybe I would buy some. Turns out that the girl at the store was super nice, and rather than sell it to me, showed me how to make my own! I promise that anyone can make them, just follow the simple steps below.

Equipment you’ll need:

– Pendant cord kit (Ikea sells these pre-made ones for $5. You can also go all out and buy all the bits to make your own)
– Appropriate lightbulb (just read the labels)
– Mason jar of your choice (make sure that it fits your lightbulb)
– Some metal mesh, which I found in the gardening section
– A pair of wire cutters

IMGP9618IMGP9619Cut a piece of the metal mesh that’s big enough to cover the top of your mason jar. Here, I’m using small jewellery pliers with a wire cutter, and a nail clipper, to cut the mesh. This is not ideal, but it’s what I had on hand and I couldn’t find anything smaller or affordable in my small town. And it did the job!

IMGP9620I got really lucky, and the mesh that I bought was the perfect size for the Hemma light sockets. One perfect square in the middle was just right to screw onto the socket, and the Hemma is great because it actually has a removable screw bit that can hold the mesh. The reason behind the mesh is the great big secret of this tutorial:

1. It lets extra heat out of the mason jar, for when the lightbulb heats up
2. It means that you don’t have to drill holes into the mason jar lid!

At this point, you’re going to want to trim the mesh square so that it fits around the top of the jar, so that it’ll be held in place once you screw the jar shut.


It’s pretty hard to explain this part, but it’ll make sense as soon as you try it yourself.

Screw the mesh in between the socket and its screwy bit, screw the lightbulb in, screw the top on, and voilà! You have just made your first mason jar light!



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