Homemade KIND bars

I’ve always loved making my own granola (recipe to come soon!), and my next thought was, obviously, to make my own granola bars. I’ve never found a recipe that I really love – there’s a recipe that I’ve been using for a long time that contains evaporated milk, but it makes the bars too sweet and weird tasting.

I recently went to Trader Joe’s, and stocked up on a bunch of nuts, so I decided to make some nut bars, based on the Kind bars that I love so much. I followed this recipe, but mine DID NOT turn out as well as hers obviously did. Maybe I didn’t use enough corn syrup, or enough nuts or seeds or things. I followed the instructions about cutting the bars while still warm, then removing them when cool. They stuck to the aluminium paper, and were still very crumbly and sticky, so I decided to make nut lumps, and bake them again. This was a tad more successful, and resulted in a lovely crispiness at the base. Unfortunately, I kind of dropped them on the way to my cooling rack, effectively de-lumping them. So, I now have a sweetened trail mix. Hey, at least it’s delicious!






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