Easy cheesy lasagna

Hey all!

Welcome to the best lasagna of your life! My mum has made this my entire life, and I started making it with her from a young age, and now whenever I go home, she asks me to make it. This is a great, easy recipe to share with your children, as they can pretty much construct it on their own. This is the easiest lasagna to make, and you can customize it to infinity. Today, I decided to make the most basic option, but I’ll also let you know how you can make it different, to your taste.

The ingredients are pretty simple.

– 16 lasagna noodles (I don’t like to use the instant ones, I think that they taste too pasty)
– 3 cups of your favourite tomato sauce (mine is Bravo sauce because it’s not lumpy, but I’ve only ever found it in Manitoba and Québec)
– As much cheese as you want. Make sure at least half of it is mozzarella. (This is where you can make this healthy, or not. I used 6 cups today. Ahem. Once, I replaced half the cheese with crumbled tofu, and it was nice. But not as nice as 6 cups of cheese.)
– Two cups of cottage cheese
– One egg
– Whatever herbs you want – I like to use Herbes de Provence, a mix of savoury, fennel, basil, and thyme

***WARNING: If you follow this recipe, you’ll be eating a big bowl of melted cheese. Consider yourself warned.

Um… And that’s it!

Boil your noodles, until they are al-dente, then rinse them under cold water and layer them on a plate for ease of access later. Pre-heat the over to 375°. In a separate bowl, mix the cottage cheese, herbs and egg. Spread a thin layer of tomato sauce in a 9×13 baking pan, and put down three noodles.

Each subsequent layer should be a mix of tomato sauce, the cottage cheese mixture, and as much grated cheese as you want (IMO, more is better. But, you can be all healthy if you want, whatever) topped with 3 more noodles. This is where you can add anything you want: mushrooms, spinach, sausage, meat sauce, or any vegetables that you like (I don’t like vegetables so much). You can also add different kinds of cheese – when I’m feeling fancy, I make layers of spinach, goat cheese, and italian sausage, as well as the basic ingredients I mentioned.

You should make four layers like this, with whatever ingredients you want. Make sure you save some cheese and tomato sauce for the top layer. You’ll want to put down 3 or 4 noodles as the top layer, and then cover it with a thin layer of sauce, and as much cheese as you want.

And that’s it! There’s your lasagna!

Pop it in the oven for 40 minutes, and put it on broil for the last 5 if you want the extra deliciousness of crispy cheese. Then, and this is the worst part, (especially for your children!) you have to let your lasagna sit on the counter for 10 minutes before you start eating. You will salivate, your stomach will growl, and you will hate me, but it’ll make your lasagna hold together better.

Bon appétit!



Bravo sauce, my all time favourite


Two cups of cottage cheese, one egg, and herbs


The basic ingredients! One egg, and tons of cheese!


This makes the construction process a lot easier, just be careful as you’re rinsing the noodles as they stay VERY hot!


This is the very bottom layer – a thin layer of plain tomato sauce, and three noodles


This is your basic layer – tomato sauce, the cottage cheese mixture, and grated cheese. Add whatever other ingredients you want (today, I added homemade meat sauce) and top it with three more noodles


The finished product, before going in the oven. You can make this ahead of time, and keep in the fridge for a day.

The worst part is the waiting. The house smells so good!

The worst part is the waiting. The house smells so good!


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