DIY headboard, made with an old door and some chalk paint

UPDATE: See the result here!

Last week, I went to Ikea with the intention of purchasing this bed frame, but it wouldn’t fit in my car, so I decided to make my own headboard to go with the very basic bed frame that I have already. I went exploring in Vancouver’s New Westminster neighbourhood, and found a really cool old door that just fit in my car. I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, until I stumbled upon the très cool FAT Paint store, and my mind was made up. I was going to faux distress the door in a cool turquoise colour! And then put it up! And make some mason jar lamps to go with it! And use these new sheets that I bought at Ikea!

Brad at FAT Paint was great at helping me select my paint, and explained everything that I needed to do to paint my door. It took four days to get everything done, and overall I’m pretty pleased with the result. Sanding indoors was messy, but rainy British Columbia doesn’t really give me many other options. I could have done a better job preparing the door for painting if I’d had more space, but the quality of the paint pretty well covered my mistakes. I also broke the door somehow, but it ads to its cool distressed look.

Unfortunately, my project has stalled. I can’t figure out how to put up the door, or which way I want to hang my new lamps. So, my sheets are still in the bag, and my door is now propped up on the wall next to my bed (it actually looks pretty cool there!), and eventually I’ll figure out the next steps and post pictures of the finished product!


Embarks on grand diy projects, forgets how small her apartment actually is


Preparing the door ended up being a lot more messy than I anticipated



Ahh! So beautiful! Thanks, FAT Paint!


The distressing


Where it will likely stay for weeks, if not months, to come


8 thoughts on “DIY headboard, made with an old door and some chalk paint

  1. Get Job, lol, I just did the same thing with an old Chippy door, I bought for $10…Don’t know how HEAVY ur is, mine is Way to heavy to do by myself! So, I leaned it on the wall like urs, found the “cutest Bird” ( over the door hanger from Lowes)…I love ur Turquoise soo much better, but trying to do my bedroom, in whites, light pinks, and of course the blue mason jars..wanted a vintage feminine feel in that one room. However, I did find a light weight Screened door at another place, it had Fabric behind the screen( that can be changed, whenever the mood strikes) hung that Screen up Long ways, It was easy peasy..want to try the Fat paint, Awesome colors..Ha, sorry so Long..have some pix somewhere if u would like to see! Great Job! Janna

    • Hi Janna!

      I’d love to see pictures – when you say blue mason jars, do you mean the Ball ‘vintage’ ones? I saw them for the first time today! I’ve figured out how to hang up the door, thanks to other commenters and Google, but I still need to find the parts. I’m really curious about your screen door idea – do share!

      Are you in BC? You definitely should check out FAT paint!

  2. Its going to look fantastic. I’ve always loved the idea of using a door as a headboard and the colour you chose is stunning, yay FAT paint. Have you considered either making a wooden french mount or buying a metal z-bar type mount from Lowes (found in the mounting area). If you look up french mount or z-bar I’m sure you can figure it out. They actually hold a surprising amount of weight. Hope that’s helpful! Good luck!

    • Thanks for the super positive feedback!

      I agree, all the credit goes to FAT paint. I almost didn’t want to distress it, because of how nice it looks! I have a pine dresser that I’m going to paint the same colour, it’s just so lovely.

      Thanks for the recommendation on hanging it! FAT paint has also recommended a French mount, and the next step is for me to find one. I didn’t find one at Lowes, but that’s back when I didn’t know what I was looking for, so maybe I just missed it. I have a contractor friend who has offered to make one if I can’t find one myself. I’m excited to put it all together, and I will for sure be posting pictures of the finished product.

      I love your post about how to use the paint!

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